All OUR Doxies Dogs & Puppies

are seen regularly by DR. Micheal Keese .DVM.

at Bakersfield Veterinary 

Small Animal Hospital is located at  8610 Harris Road 

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We are now Co-Owners with Randy and Linda Johnson at


My Husband and I are a Small Breeder in Southern California of Mini Dachshunds. We breed for A+ Conformation & Temperament . We only have 1 to 2 litters a year breeding our females only once a year to give you Happy Healthy Puppies. All our doxies are raised indoors with 24 hour care and very well socialized to humans and other family pets, small & large. We have Long Coat & Smooth Coat Doxies in English Creams, Dapples & Piebalds with a variety of colors: Isabella & Tan, Blue & Tan, Reds, Black & Tan, Chocolate & Tan, Cream, Black & Cream, Chocolate & Cream.  Thank You and enjoy our web site,Please feel free to email us for any question or call.

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All our puppies are seen by a licensed Veterinarian before leaving my home and going to yours.They receive their 1 st vaccination and deworming along with a full health examination to make sure you get a Happy Health Puppy.

Please do some research on the Mini Dachshund to make sure it's the right breed for you and check out your breeder to make sure he or she is a responsible breeder and is not a puppy mill. Ask questions. There's never too many questions or even a stupid one. Be smart and take your time.

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